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Kerry SLT Testimonials

Niamh - Client Testimonials

Our Daughter Eimear who has Down Syndrome has been receiving her speech and language therapy from Niamh for the past 6 months. Niamh is very attentive and in tune with Eimear. Eimear engages very well with Niamh and looks forward to her sessions and always leaves with a great smile on her face. At the end of each session Niamh gives feedback as to how the session went, answers any questions we may have and goes through the homework. Niamh is wonderful to work with and we are very grateful to her for all her hard work and dedication.

My daughter Kimberley (7yrs old with DS) is attending speech & language therapy with Niamh Brouder since Nov 2021. She is benefitting hugely from her sessions and has lots of fun while learning. Her speech clarity is improving and her social language has progressed. She looks forward to Niamh's sessions every 2 weeks and especially enjoys "Shelly" the puppet Niamh uses to help Kim practice the 'SH' sound which she has difficulty with. I would highly recommend Niamh as an Speech & language therapist. We feel fortunate to have her working with Down Syndrome Kerry.

Niamh has been working with Seán, who is 22 years old since she began working with DS Kerry. Seán has been doing his sessions via zoom and this has proved very successful. Niamh has focused on Lámh signs with Seán and sends home video clips of the new signs which he loves to practice at home on his iPad. She teaches the signs through song which Seán adores, as he loves music. Her sessions with Seán are always well prepared, engaging, varied and pitched to Seáns level and interests. Seán looks forward to his sessions with Niamh every Monday. Niamh prepares a comprehensive report for us after each session, as Seán has his sessions while attending the KPFA. As a parent, I find Niamh easy to talk to and she is always so willing to help. Thanks Niamh for all your hard work.

Emma - Client Testimonials

Emma O Connor has been working with my daughter for almost a year now. She has so much patience and is amazing with my daughter. The difference in her personality and speech from when she first started attending speech therapy with Emma to where she is now just proves what an outstanding speech therapist Emma is. She has come on leaps and bounds and even her teachers have said how much of an improvement there is.Emma is passionate and knows how to encourage and support in all the right places. Would highly recommend Emma to anyone! - Naomi and Hannah

Dara our six year old son had six weeks of speech therapy with Emma early in the year, he just loved the whole process of her program with him and has no issues with his speech since, he has a lot more confidence in himself than before, he is doing great in school with his work, Emma was just brilliant with him.

I had my boy Charlie with Emma. Emma was so brilliant with Charlie and she really made me at ease. Emma is amazing at her job and was so good with Charlie while observing him in different areas. It was great relief off my shoulders when I got in contact with Emma very first day about Charlie. I would highly recommend Emma especially the way she handles situations. Amazing too for keeping in touch with us both.

We are much happier to see Saicharran progress with his slt from day 1 till now. Thanks for all your effort and hard work Emma. He is always happy to attend sessions with you. I hope he will be completely ready to step into junior infant in school, in few more months.

My son James who is now 2yrs and 8 months old is a client of your clinics and his speech therapist is Emma. I would like to take this opportunity to express how fantastic Emma has been with James from the beginning. She has always been extremely polite, professional and respectful in all her dealings with James and with me. She has a great personality which shines throughout her interaction with James. She is bubbly, engaging and always smiling. She has always taken the time to explain any areas that needed work on and how to encourage his progress. Any questions have been answered in an honest and helpful way with James's progression always front and centre. I am delighted that today was his last session as it marks a milestone in which he has gotten to a level that intervention is not needed. This is down to the hard work and dedication as well as the honest advice and feedback from Emma. I can honestly say I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody. You truly have a gem in Emma.

David - Client Testimonials

My son Jerry has significant speech and oral motor difficulties. He started a speech therapy program with David. Jerry's home-based program is specifically designed to meet his needs and is incorporated into his therapy program in school to ensure he gets the most from his program. David uses Jerry's hobbies and interests during his session to engage him and make the learning process a relaxed and enjoyable one, making learning fun. I have always found David to be friendly, and his relaxed patient manner is very evident, most especially in his interaction with Jerry. Jerry has made significant progress in such a short time, he is very relaxed and comfortable with David, and he is certainly reaping the rewards of his work, which has had an incredibly positive effect on Jerry's confidence to speak. I would happily recommend David and the speech and language therapy team.

My son Conor (age 9) has been working with David for the last 6 months. Within that time the health crisis emerged, and our sessions were brought online. Conor has ADHD, so we were unsure at first would the sessions hold the weight of the information. But thanks to David's personable nature and knowledge of his work, he has been fantastic with Conor. Conor is improving every week with the consistency of appointments and work from David. I would have no hesitation in recommending the SLT online. It is a brilliant service, and we are lucky to be able to avail of it. Conor has worked with other services but none to the higher level that David is working at. Sarah

David provides online SLT to my daughter on a weekly basis. These sessions have proven to be successful for her and me as a parent. My daughter maintains high levels of concentration throughout these interactive sessions and she looks forward to them every week. She is making great progress and we find these sessions rewarding. David is very accommodating and works very well with both the child and parent. He provides additional worthwhile activities via email for us to practice throughout the week. I highly recommend these online SLT sessions and for us they have proven to be as successful as attending his office.

Our little girl has phonological and articulation difficulties and has worked with various speech therapists over the last two years, but none has connected with her and aided her improvement as much as David. He is a brilliant speech therapist always creating new and innovative ways to engage with Méabh. David works with Méabh in our home which we feel is really 'going that extra mile' and Méabh is more relaxed and less distracted in her home surroundings. David is a pleasure to work with and I could not praise him enough! Leona

The online SLT is working great for Cian. He is sitting waiting for the phone to ring when I tell him David will be ringing to do some work! We have a 20-minute session weekly which seems to be working well from an attention persp33ective. There are moments of distraction when David gets a tour around the house, but David always manages to get his attention back either through the animation pics or the reward games such as pop up pirate, I, as Cian’s mom, have also learnt an awful lot by listening in on these sessions. We cannot say how grateful we are to have this vital service provided online and to have worksheets and tasks sent to us weekly. Thank you! Patricia

David has been providing online SLT to my son Sean since lockdown began. We have found the experience hugely successful & helpful in maintaining some sort of routine for Sean during these unprecedented times. Sean has responded very well to the online sessions & it is great to know that in the unknown future that lies ahead of us that we can continue Sean’s SLT in this manner. I would highly recommend! Deirdre

David provides online SLT to my son Darragh. We were not sure before we tried it how it would work and would it be effective. Darragh has autism and we did not know if he would engage online. All our doubts were unfounded... it has been a huge success. Darragh looks forward to it and we get great feedback and work for the week after the session from David. I can honestly say it is working well for us. Caitriona

Dominika - Client Testimonials

My daughter, Kate was three years when she started attending Dominika and had an expressive language delay, Dominika was warm, engaging and fantastic with Kate, who responded extremely well to her and within a very short period Kate was verbalising herself better and formulating sentences. Dominika utilized play within Kate's Speech and Language therapy and was always creative with Kate. Dominika was one of the best Speech and Language therapist that Kate has attended would recommend her highly. Tricia

Our son was 2 and a half when we first saw Dominika. At the time he had limited words and was drooling excessively. We found the sessions very warm and relaxed which was really important as our son was young and was a little apprehensive around new people. Dominika was very gentle with our son and after a few sessions he was very at ease with Dominika. We found Dominika always encouraging and not in any rush to label our son. We worked on the exercises she gave us particularly the exercises to improve the muscle tone around his mouth. Our son's speech is now age appropriate and he is not attending speech therapy. I would have no qualms in engaging Dominika again should the need arise in the future. Elaine

My Dad was a patient of Dominika's, as he had severe swallowing difficulties post-stroke. Dominika was so encouraging and positive and also very practical. Prior to going to Dominika, my Dad had received such negative prognosis from other medical personnel so Dominika was a breath of fresh air at a difficult time. In the end, my Dad's swallow returned fully. I couldn't recommend Dominika more highly. Mary Dunne

Can't get over the improvement in Alex's speech and language development since he began therapy with Dominika. Great interaction with young children and would highly recommend. Orla

I started loosing my voice. I was very worried, as I am a teacher. Dominika told me what I was doing wrong and showed me how to project my voice correctly. Laryngeal massage really helped. I was delighted. Mary K

Down Syndrome Kerry Social Skills Groups

My son Dale has been part of the social skills group with the SLTs, this is very successful and Dale looks forward to each session with great enthusiasm, (Dale ensures the phone is always fully charged and ready to link up!), he loves the interaction with new people and his conversational skills seem to be improving in a very positive and natural way. Both therapists are extremely dedicated and do a lot of preparation for the group prior to each session. This is a service I would encourage and highly recommend.

The SLTs provide online speech and language therapy to my daughter. Both of us find it brilliant. It is delivered at home through WhatsApp weekly. Twice a week for the social skills group. No driving and rushing to a venue. No stress, just click in. The therapists alternate weekly and the group members change. So the interaction and dynamic is different , but always fun and always learning. While enjoying each others company. My daughter has met people in the group that otherwise she would only meet at the Christmas party. She would be very isolated during this COVID-19 crisis without it. She is learning to talk about her own interests and ask others about their interests with support and direction. She is learning the skill of listening and retelling a piece of news. This is improving all the time, it's very well delivered and managed with a view to reducing the support.

The online SLT social skills sessions provided by the SLTs have proven very successful during the pandemic. My daughter Annmarie has enjoyed the interaction with other young adults. She was asked to have questions and answers organised to discuss topics during the SLT session. This leads to more confidence in everyday conversation and understanding social discussion in everyday life. Parent - Ann

James has enjoyed engaging in the Social Skills Group. He looks forward to seeing everyone and chatting and laughing with them. The group is well organised and run very efficiently and in a friendly informal manner. James has an opportunity to prepare for each session and is rising to the challenge each week.
James: I like the SSG. I look forward to seeing my friends and we have fun talking about things we like. My favourite part of the group is asking questions and Show & Tell.

I enjoy using Skype to talk to my friends with the help of the Speech therapists to keep the conversation going. I like discussing new topics. The sessions are not too hard and I like them" (The client)
My son really enjoys the planned sessions via Skype, especially in these difficult times as he can no longer attend the activities where he used to meet people. These sessions also help him to converse with his peers and improve his social skills. They also give him the comfort of routine which is a great help for keeping him occupied. "(The parent)

Professional Partner Testimonials

Studio 3 Kerry, Tralee

Studio 3 Kerry have worked in collaboration with Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic for the last two years. They have worked closely with our psychology team to deliver a bespoke service to a young gentleman, who accesses our services. Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic has provided assessments as well as ongoing weekly sessions with the people who access our services, as well as providing training and support to our staff team. They have attended many of our clinical meetings and their input is always invaluable. Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic have always been responsive to the needs of the people we support as well as the questions that come up in our meetings. I look forward to a continued successful working relationship with Kerry Speech and Language Therapy clinic in the future.

St Francis Special School Parents Autism Support Group

SFSS PARENTS AUTISM SUPPORT GROUP was set up a couple of years ago to fundraise for private therapies helping children with special needs. Our main goal was to help children gain ongoing Speech and language therapy on a regular basis. Unfortunately the lack of services today is disheartening, so five years ago Dominika helped our Support Group achieve our goals. Ongoing private speech and language therapy sessions were set up for the children on a weekly basis, we were so blessed funds were raised continuously and dreams were carried out for the children.We got the best professional team on board.

Weekly visits to the children in their own comfortable environment in school, where the therapists can see their true abilities and carry out professional 1:1 sessions. We are extremely lucky to have Dominika, David and Team.

Covid set us back from our 1:1 sessions but continuous professionalism to each of the children throughout the year was carried out through online services to endure the same quality service. Thank you all at Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic.

We are forever grateful for your ongoing help, support and service.

Down Syndrome Ireland, Kerry Branch

The Kerry Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland enjoys a long and valuable partnership with Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic. The clinic provides a consistent, high quality, effective service to children and adults with Down syndrome throughout Kerry. Therapists focus on the particular needs of every individual and work with parents on agreed outcomes. Feedback from participants highlights the continuity, professionalism and friendliness of the service. It is a solution focused, “can do” approach. DS Kerry is privileged to share their positive experience and endorse the great work of the clinic which has expanded year on year.

We are confident that your engagement with the clinic will also be a very positive one.

Kerry Speech & Language Therapy