Speech & Language Therapy

Kerry SLT, Scotia Clinic

Tralee, Kerry

Kerry SLT - Dominika Lisiecka

Clinical Director/Senior Speech & Language Therapist

Dr Dominika Lisiecka

Dominika obtained her MSc in Speech & Language Therapy in 2003 and a PhD in Medicine and Health in 2018. Dominika's professional experience includes a variety of disability and acute services for babies, children and adults. At Kerry SLT clinic, Dominika provides services for children with feeding difficulties and autism, and adults with voice difficulties and acquired swallowing and communication disorders.

Dominika also works as an academic lecturer at Munster Technological University Kerry and has a special interest in research. Dominika was awarded a Research Fellowship from the Health Research Board in Ireland (2015 - 2018). Dominika is passionate about neurology and she completed a 12-month post-doc in the field of advanced dementia and is currently an advisor on a DiaMoND study in the UK (Motor Neurone Disease). Dominika is currently a Senior Associate with International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Trinity College Dublin.

Training Completed

2022 - Introduction to Children’s First 2019 – Early Start Denver Model Parent Coaching (Intervention for autism)
2018 – Voice Banking for people with neurodegenerative conditions
2015 - 2016 - Early Start Denver Model Certification from the Mind Institute in California (the first certified person in the Republic of Ireland in this intervention for autism)
2015 - Early Start Denver Model for young children with autism: Introductory & Advanced
2012 - Manual Laryngeal Therapy for voice disorders
2011 – Lámh Tutor – full qualifications achieved
2010 – PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System for children with autism
2010 – Management of Adults with Tracheostomy
2008 – Videofluoroscopic Study of Swallowing
2008 – Surgical Voice Restoration
2007 – The Management of Adult Acquired Neurological Conditions
2007 – Connect training for Aphasia
2007 – First Practical Symposium on Voice and Swallowing
2007 – Breastfeeding in premature babies
2007 – Paediatric Feeding & Swallowing: Complex Issues for Complex Patients
2006 – The Good Goal Setting Guide and Clinical Reasoning
2006 – Introduction to Assessment and Management of the Tracheotomised and Ventilator-dependent Adult.
2006 – Dysphagia (Adults & Children) Competency course for SLT
2006 – It Takes Two To Talk – The Hanen Programme
2006 – Derbyshire Language Scheme
2006 – Lamh; Module 1 and 2 2005 – Communication Difficulties in People with Dementia
2005 – Bobath Course for Speech & Language Therapist
2005 – Assessing and Analysing School Aged Language Impairment
2004 – Learning Language and Love It – The Hanen Programme
2003 – Multispecialistic Therapy of Children with Clefts
2003 – Educational Kinesiology “Brain Gym”
2002 – Diagnosis and Therapy of Stammering