Speech & Language Therapy

Kerry SLT, Scotia Clinic

Tralee, Kerry

our mission

We provide quality, evidence based speech & language therapy delivered by experienced & highly skilled therapists.

Kerry Speech & Language Therapy Clinic

Kerry Speech & Language Therapy Clinic is the longest established private SLT Clinic for children & adults in Kerry. We are based across two offices: Scotia Clinic, Manor West and Down Syndrome Kerry, Balloonagh, Tralee. We offer a range of evidence-based Speech and Language Therapy services and staff training courses, which encourages all of our clients to reach their full potential.

The Practice was founded by Dr. Dominika Lisiecka in 2007. Dominika has over 19 years clinical experience providing Speech & Language Therapy to babies, children & adults across Kerry. Our team of therapists working in the clinic and we offer a range of exemplary services to our clients with speech, language and communication difficulties, autism, swallowing difficulties and much more.

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Some of our services

Direct Therapy

We provide 1:1 and group therapy sessions in our clinics, various schools and nursing homes to all of our clients with

  • Unclear Speech
  • Feeding/Swallowing difficulties
  • Receptive & Expressive Language difficulties
  • Autism
  • Physical & Intellectual Disabilities

Parent Coaching

We work with our parents to ensure the transfer of skills from the clinic to your home

  • Early speech & language development
  • Engaging with your Autistic child
  • Creating opportunities for using Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Training Courses

We provide family & professional training courses to help support our clients at home, school & work.

  • Lamh courses
  • Voice difficulties for teachers
  • Dysphagia training for carers/staff working with individuals with swallowing difficulties

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a speech and language therapist?

Speech and language therapists are healthcare professionals, who assess, diagnose and provide therapy to both children and adults with various speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties. Speech and language therapists work in a range of settings, such as clinics, clients' homes, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, in order to achieve each individual's potential to communicate and swallow effectively. Speech and language therapists also work with our clients' families, school and healthcare staff and other relevant professionals, in order to provide a high level of individualised care.

2.Who do speech and language therapists work with?

At Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic, we work with a range of clients who present with various difficulties. If you have any questions about who we work with, please click here.

3.What can I expect from an initial therapy assessment session?

At Kerry Speech and Language Therapy Clinic, we offer specialised and individualised services to all of our clients. When you make an appointment, you will be asked to provide background information, such as medical history and the onset and nature of your difficulties. Your Speech and Language Therapist will carry out a comprehensive assessment and formulate a therapy plan. The type of treatment given will be suited to each individual's specific needs and abilities.

4.What will therapy sessions involve and how long will it last for?

The type of therapy session provided depends on each individual's abilities and needs. The initial assessment session will determine the extent and frequency of the therapy sessions required. However, we offer flexibility on the frequency and duration of our sessions, such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions for 30, 45 and 60 minutes.